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How to access the Amazon Appstore worldwide

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How to access the Amazon Appstore worldwide
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Ok, I admit - I’ve had it with waiting.

With the news that Peggle is currently exclusive and free on the US-only Amazon Appstore, and that Cut the Rope is likely to also appear there later this week, I’d had enough of sitting around in the UK all day and watching our brothers across the pond get all the new games on Android.

So, rather than sit here stewing, I decided to see if there was a way of getting access to this titles without having to emigrate or ask a friend for his American credit card.

Naturally, following these steps almost certainly breaks a number of terms and conditions when creating an Amazon account.

Also, it’s worth noting that this will only work if you want to download free apps and games - paid versions will require an actual identity to buy, preferably your own.

Do not - repeat, do not - use your normal email address for this. Make a nice fresh one with a free service provider like Hotmail or Yahoo. You’ll need to input some personal details before it’ll let you create one, of course, so this is where step 2 comes into play. amazon-appstore-android-1
Much like that bit in Mission Impossible where Tom Cruise puts on a very convincing mask of Jon Voight, you’re going to have to pretend to be a different person so effectively that even the lovely Emmanuelle Béart is satisfied that you’re the real deal. Or Amazon, in this case. So hop over to and hit generate. Use these details to register your email and keep them safe for when you get round to creating a new Amazon account. Which leads us onto the next step.
Jump over to and use the new email address and a password to start up registration. When you get to the details, input in your imaginary friend's name, address, and all that malarkey, making sure you cut off the ‘CA’ or whatnot from the Zip code (it only accepts numbers in that text box). If you have any issues with the address (Amazon didn’t like my initial randomly created one), then Google search businesses in the city your character is meant to live in, and just copy-paste the zip and address from there.
Next, you’ll need the Amazon Appstore .apk file on your Android phone (download). Pop it on your phone (using USB) and load up a free file manager like Astro (download). Navigate to the sdcard folder and tap the Amazon_Appstore.apk file. Choose App Manager and then hit install. After a minute or two, the file should be nestled safely between apps on your phone. amazon-appstore-android-4
Ok, the next bit is a bit more complicated, so bear with me here. First, go back to on your web browser. Sign in as your new account if you haven’t already done so, and hit Account Settings (top-right). Now press on 1-Click settings (it’s inside the Settings sub-menu about halfway down the page on the left). Input your default address as the one you used initially (hopefully it should already be in there), and then input the fake card details from the random generator as your default payment option. Now return to your phone and try and download the free app of the day. If it prompts you to turn on 1-Click, just follow the link on the text box and do as it says. When it comes to the phone number, do not use your actual number. Instead, use the one you randomly created (sans dashes) instead - it doesn’t actually need your mobile number whatever it may suggest. It just wants a phone number.
If you’ve followed all the steps above, then you should be ready to get your first free game, which for me was the excellent Peggle (currently the free app of the day at time of writing). Just navigate back from the 1-Click settings to the main store and tap ‘FREE’ and then ‘Get App’. Congratulations! You’ve just created a new identity, fooled Amazon into thinking you’re a grocer from Conneticut, made up a credit card, and - most importantly - can now download free games that are US-only. I know it should feel bad, but - no - it feels good. Fever time awaits! amazon-appstore-android-6

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Will Wilson
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