Fieldrunners HD heading to Android Market on Thursday

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Fieldrunners HD heading to Android Market on Thursday
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Subatomic Studios has dropped us a line to say that its Pocket Gamer Bronze Award-winning tower defence game Fieldrunners will be heading to Android very soon.

Fieldrunners has found its way onto a great number of systems over the past few years, with the iPhone, iPad, and PSP minis all being graced by its cartoony presence.

While quite a traditional tower defence game at heart, it manages to get the balance right between upgrading and defending - making it an extremely strategic and satisfying endeveaour. The attractive visuals don't hurt, either.

The new Android version will be called Fieldrunners HD, and it contains all the content and high res graphics from the original iPhone version.

The game will be available this Thursday on the Android Market priced at 99c for 24 hours, before rising in price to $2.99.