Ferrari Challenge approaches the starting line on DS

First screenshots appear, followed closely by a release date

Ferrari Challenge approaches the starting line on DS

System 3 has today announced its DS racing game Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli is almost ready to roll out of the garage.

News on the officially licensed game first emerged about this time last year but we haven't had opportunity to see it until now, courtesy of the first batch of DS screenshots.

A release date has also been confirmed as July, when the game will be available on DS (as well as PS3, Wii and PS2).

The game features 50 Ferraris modelled down to the smallest detail. Well, at least on 360 and PS3, although we're hoping some of that still applies to DS (the in-game images don't look too bad). Various race types, realistic AI and multi-player races are also planned.

Promisingly, Bruno Senna, nephew of F1 legend Ayrton, has acted as technical director for the game, advising on everything from vehicle handling to how a Ferrari sounds being floored to 100mph. We don't know how much of his involvement transferred over to the DS version, but if anything isn't spot on you can obviously blame him.

We should be getting hands on with the game later this month, so watch this space for our first impressions then.