Ferrari Challenge on PSP is scrapped

But may be rebuilt...

Ferrari Challenge on PSP is scrapped

Earlier today, publisher System 3 announced its game Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli would be coming out on DS, PS3, PS2 and Wii next month.

But, clearly, not on PSP.

Which isn't entirely a surprise, yet if you turn the clock back some 12 months, back when the game was known as Ferrari Challenge Pirelli Maranello, a PSP version was in the works.

So why did it run out of petrol? A spokesperson from System 3's PR agency confirmed to Pocket Gamer the game definitely isn't happening at present and speculated that perhaps PSP's relatively poor sales performance in the UK this time last year may have contributed to the decision not to release it.

But he went on to say that if developer Eutechnyx ends up making an Xbox 360 version of the game (currently not in the works due to licensing issues) the game might also be brought to PSP.

He continued that the Ferrari licence is for a series of games and not just a one-off. That suggests that even if Trofeo Pirelli doesn't end up being made for PSP, there's still a chance of future Ferrari games for Sony's handheld.

Which isn't quite enough to make up for the fact PSP will be watching the action from the pit wall this time around, but it's something at least.