The 25 most exciting iPhone launch games

They're on the App Store today, and we've covered 'em all!

The 25 most exciting iPhone launch games

It's been an exciting afternoon, to say the least. Apple opened its iPhone App Store for business early, this lunchtime, so we've spent the hours since highlighting some of the coolest launch games.

With that in mind, here's the 25 iPhone games that have leapt out at us from the App Store today. It seems there'll be more launching tomorrow (including Tetris), but for now, these are the 25 coolest games from Day One.

TOP 25 IPHONE LAUNCH GAMES 1. Super Monkey Ball. Just buy it (full details) 2. Texas Hold'em. Not just any poker game - this is made by Apple and has Wi-Fi multiplayer (full details) 3. Cro-Mag Rally. Ace-looking Stone Age karting game (full details) 4. Brain Challenge. iPhone's first brain trainer, complete with a motion-sensing mini-game exclusive (full details) 5. Bomberman Touch. It's Bomberman, Jim, but not as we know it. Because we're using the touchscreen (full details) 6. Enigmo. This physics-based puzzled could be a bit special (full details) 7. Critter Crunch. One of our favourite mobile puzzlers gets an iPhone makeover (full details) 8. Bejeweled 2. The original gem-swapping puzzler. Well, its sequel. But you know what we mean (full details) 9. Disney's All Star Cards. Mickey, Donald and chums take you on in cartoon cards (full details) 10. Trism. It's a match-three puzzler, but with triangles instead of blocks, gems or balls (full details) 11. Numba. Intriguing-looking number puzzler from I-play (full details) 12. Space Monkey. Spinning simian in a spacesuit (full details) 13. Bubble Bash. It's like Puzzle Bobble, but amped up to the max with motion or touch controls (full details) 14. Columns Deluxe. Retro puzzle action from Sega, comprising Columns and Puyo Pop (full details) 15. South Park Imaginationland. Bouncy Butters action (full details) 16. Adventure. Y'know, the first ever text adventure - also known as Colossal Cave. GO NORTH! (full details) 17. Diamond Twister. A new take on the match-three genres, with a neat motion-sensing, ahem, twist (full details) 18. Platinum Sudoku. A whopping great 20 MILLION grids to solve. Should keep you busy (full details) 19. Chopper. Side-scrolling all-action helicopter game (full details) 20. Platinum Solitaire. Slick touchscreen card game from Gameloft (full details) 21. Ms. Pac-Man. You remember her, right? She's beaten her hubby onto iPhone... (full details) 22. Wingnuts Moto Racer. 3D motorbiking game with lush-looking graphics (full details) 23. Putt Putt Touch. Touchscreen-enabled crazy golf (full details) 24. iGotchi. Super cutesy virtual pet game where you care for a furball (full details) 25. ZEN Pinball: Rollercoaster. 3D pinball where you can nudge the table by shaking your iPhone (full details)