Fateful Lore is an upcoming RPG for iOS and Android that takes inspiration from Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy

It looks and sounds very cute

Fateful Lore is an upcoming RPG for iOS and Android that takes inspiration from Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy

Fateful Lore is an upcoming 8-bit inspired RPG that will be the debut title for developers Fantaseel Interactive. It's set to release for both iOS and Android devices on 30th April, so there's not too long to wait if you're looking for a new, classic-styled RPG to sink some time into.

We're hardly starved of retro-styled RPGs on mobile but that's because there's plenty to enjoy in both indulging in a little nostalgia whilst playing a new game. Fateful Lore apparently takes a lot of inspiration from Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy, so if you're fans of those games you'll have an idea of what to expect, plenty of treasure hunting and monster battling.

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Though it wears its inspiration proudly, Fantaseel Interactive has also opted to remove some of the tropes from those RPGs they believe have no place in a modern-day interpretation. For instance, you'll be able to save anywhere, won't have to grind endlessly or aimlessly wander around with no idea where you're supposed to head next.

In short, it's a more streamlined experience than RPGs past. That means you can expect to beat the game more quickly too. In a recent post on Reddit discussing Fateful Lore, Fantaseel Interactive stated the game should clock in at around 8 hours, significantly less than those that inspired it then. 

You can check out some of the gameplay in the video above where you'll also catch a glimpse of some of the colourful, varied enemies you'll encounter. There's a sunbathing skeleton who'd rather you left them alone and a furious squid, among others. It's also a good chance to hear a smidgen of the game's chirpy-sounding music.

Fateful Lore will be available on the App Store and Google Play on 30th April. There is no definitive word on price, however, the developers say it will be a premium game that will cost around $3.99.

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