iPhone RPG parody Fastar! out now, 50 per cent off this weekend

Role playing abridged

iPhone RPG parody Fastar! out now, 50 per cent off this weekend
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The trouble with RPGs is… well, there are a lot of problems with RPGs. Particularly when you talk about taking them on the road.

They’re too damned long for your typical pocket gamer, with all that padding and waffling taking up precious gaming time.

Who cares if an evil wizard is trying to take over the world? It’s not like they haven’t tried before.

Fastar! from Cat in a Box Games attempts to distil all the good bits of RPGS – hacking and slashing and shopping for made-up stuff – into one bite-sized iPhone game. In the process it loses the dull stuff and, somewhere along the line, manages to pick up a sense of humour.

Here's the official feature run-down, straight from the Cat's mouth:

Featured features:

  • Reasonably adorable hand-drawn graphics!
  • 24 different game modes for a variety of play experiences, some of which don't actually count!
  • Global arcade-style high scores lists, where you can become internationally renowned if your full name is three letters or less!
  • Flashy magic spells for any kind of player, from Daring to Thrifty to Congealed!
  • A variety of control schemes to suit your particular playing posture! (Astronaut gymnasts excepted)
  • Sometimes in the background you can see a guy on a unicycle! Look for him, he's nice.

It’s out now, and for a suitably (if temporarily) reduced price of 59p / 99c.

Jon Mundy
Jon Mundy
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