Cat in a Box announces Fastar RPG parody game for iPhone

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Cat in a Box announces Fastar RPG parody game for iPhone
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What can you do when you absolutely have to sink some hours into a button-mashing, number-crunching action RPG, but really don’t have the time to commit to it? Developer Cat in a Box has a suggestion: its upcoming iPhone game Fastar, which has you slashing and shopping in seconds.

An acronym for Fight Angry Squares: The Action RPG, Fastar features ambiguous role-playing worlds, next to no waffling fantasy backstory, and only one type of enemy to contend with: faceless, nameless squares.

It’s all about distilling the unique fun of RPGs, like bouncing numbers off enemies and shopping for mad loot, into mere seconds of play. You can then send your speed run records to the online leaderboards, or choose from one of 24 different game modes to sample.

The development is headlined by John Kooistra, known for such iPhone games as Blue Defense and Blue Attack. Since creating Cat in a Box games, Kooistra’s also released iPhone RTS, Red Conquest.

Fastar will be available on iPhone and iPod touch on July 30th, with an intended price of 59p / 99c / €0.79c.

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Mark Brown
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