App Army Assemble: Fast Food Rampage - A twin stick shooter aimed at harming hipsters

Do you want fries with that?

App Army Assemble: Fast Food Rampage - A twin stick shooter aimed at harming hipsters
iOS + iPod
| Fast Food Rampage

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The App Army get their hands on Fast Food Rampage, a fast food based shoot-'em-up taking revenge on self-righteous hipsters.

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Tom Clark

Other than the concept I can't find anything I like about the game. The graphics were a huge disappointment and gameplay wasn't much better. It wasn't fun and offered little entertainment value.

I don't like slating games but I struggled to find anything commendable. I would pass on this if I were you.

Lara Egri

I feel like this game has skipped out on the details. The graphics are funny but don't look very polished, especially when compared to other twin stick shoot-em-ups.

I am a fan of the game's style and concept, but overall it is just a score chaser without much reason to play. There aren't any mini objectives or things to do other than shoot fast food at vegans, so it does become repetitive.

Kainen Ryan

This game probably has the most boring tutorial ever. Then once you're finally let loose to reek havoc on vegans you realise it's dull as a whole. The concept on paper is entertaining, but game play offers nothing more than shooting burgers at people.

I think they should take it back to the drawing board to improve it. A lot needs to be added before I would play it again as the overall feel is that it is a lazy effort.

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