Zynga celebrating Easter with events in five of their most popular games

Zynga celebrating Easter with events in five of their most popular games
| FarmVille 3

The famous mobile developer Zynga has announced Easter-themed events for just about all of its currently supported games, including Farmville 3, Farmville 2: Country Escape, Golf Rival, Merge Dragons! and even Words with Friends 2. These events primarily introduce some new cosmetic items you can grab for yourself throughout the month.

Farmville 3
First up, is the Farmville 3 event. Titled Katie Cookie’s Spring Carnival, this celebration will see any season pass buyers able to transform the titular character into Katie Bunny, basically the character in a cute little bunny getup. Alongside the costume, you can also unlock an egg hunting in-game event, collect trophies like an adorable panda bear, and collect some Spring themed treats.

Farmville 2: Country Escape
In Farmville 2, you can expect a colourful party thrown by Chocolatier Cindy and Coco Bunny, who will both be helping you to celebrate the festivities. Complete challenges from the Spring Event and you’ll win free awards like stamps, keys, and padlocks. There’s also Eggward the Easter Mascot up for grabs for anyone who fully finishes the event.

Golf Rival
The golfing simulator has the Spring Hopping Challenge running from April 15th-18th and is a 12-round PvP challenge where players can win items like coins, clubs, special balls, and the legendary diamond chest. There’s also the Eggstravaganza Tournament running from April 16th-18th and also the 22nd-25th, which is an 18-hole single-player challenge that will allow you to earn even more free Easter-themed awards.

Merge Dragons!
The multiplayer dragon-themed game will receive an exciting Easter event that will let you fill up your camp with special spring-themed items and also allow you to meet the adorable Bunny Dragon.

Words with Friends 2
And finally, Words with Friends 2 is set to celebrate the season by allowing you to purchase the Green Painted Egg tile Bundle, a simple cosmetic change for your placed down letter tiles. There is also the edition of the Easter Weekly Challenge as well.

All this is to say, there’s a ton of content for some of the most popular mobile games out there right now. If you’re interested, you can find all of Zynga’s games on either the App Store or Google Play respectively, so get out there and get festive!

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