Aliens are coming for our corn in Farm Invasion USA on Android and iOS

Poppin' mad

Aliens are coming for our corn in Farm Invasion USA on Android and iOS
| Farm Invasion USA

Barmy endless-driver Farm Invasion USA has just rolled onto Android and iOS.

It turns out that not only are aliens real, but they also have a soft spot for popcorn. You never mentioned that, did you, Mr Spielberg?

Anyhow, this lust for snack food has drawn the extraterrestrial scavengers to a farm in sunny Texas, where they intend to 'abduct' the entire corn crop in the name of hunger.

Git awf moi lahnd!

Keen to prevent this income-threatening injustice, the family Redneck takes up arms against the greys, using whatever tools happen to be at hand - in this case, a large threshing machine.

Under your direction, this devastating piece of farming equipment zooms from left to right, chopping up everything in its path. You can also take pot shots at alien spacecraft with your trusty shotgun.

Furthermore, you can earn upgrades for your thresher and pick up extra weapons, all with one goal in mind: to show those aliens that this here earth corn ain't for poppin'!

You can download Farm Invasion USA for free from the App Store [download] and the Google Play Store [download].

James Gilmour
James Gilmour
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