Daily updates now par for the course in Fairway Solitaire


Daily updates now par for the course in Fairway Solitaire
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Big Fish's golf-themed iOS card game Fairway Solitaire has just received a stack of new features in its latest App Store update.

Thanks to the game's all-new Daily Mode, iPhone owners can enjoy three extra courses per day - two for iPad players - the first of which is free to play for 24 hours.

If you want to tackle the other courses, however, you'll have to cough up some of the game's proprietary Golf Bucks, which you can earn through play or obtain via IAPs.

Play your cards right

There is also a special challenge incorporated into every course. After completing each of these, you will unlock bonus courses and earn Challenge Cups.

Speaking of silverware, Big Fish has added a bunch of new trophies to collect, giving you even more incentive to get rid of your deck / get a hole-in-one / kill that wretched gopher.

You can chip Fairway Solitaire out of the App Store bunker onto your iPhone or iPad for free now.

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James Gilmour
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