Golf meets cards in freemium game Fairway Solitaire for iOS

Fore of clubs

Golf meets cards in freemium game Fairway Solitaire for iOS
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We've seen card games infused with a variety of genres over the years (the excellent Sword & Poker 2 springs to mind), but I don't remember anyone blending Scotland's game of choice with a story featuring a gopher dressed up like William Wallace and a deck of cards before.

But, that's exactly what Big Fish Games has done with its latest release: Fairway Solitaire for iPhone and iPad.

Just golfing a round

Launched on the App Store today, Fairway Solitaire is a freemium game that involves picking the right clubs, using power-ups, and hitting long drives by playing my favourite solitaire variant called - would you believe - Golf.

The presentation, as you'd expect from Big Fish, is of a very high standard, while the introduction of "water hazards" and "bunkers" (that is to say, locked cards that require you to play certain cards under them) add an intriguing twist to the base rules.

Fairway Solitaire is available now for iPhone [download] and iPad [download] for free. Fairway Solitaire's in-app purchases, of course, are not.

Will Wilson
Will Wilson
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