App Army Assemble: Faily Rider

Does it fail or succeed?

App Army Assemble: Faily Rider
| Faily Rider

Faily Rider is the next in the entry in the Faily series, which started with the popular Faily Brakes. That was an endless runner in which the star Phil Faily's brakes broke just at the point he needed them. He was crashing down an endless mountain, you see, and you have to help him avoid all the obstacles.

This time around, Phil's opted for a motorbike instead, after experiencing a complete disaster in a variety of different cars. That doesn't stop lightning from hitting twice though, as Phil finds himself plummeting down an embankment on his bike, with you, once again, desperately trying to save him.

The question on everyone's lips though is: how fun is it? Well, we asked our hardened team of mobile gaming experts in the App Army. Below is their full reports.

Tom Clark

Faily Rider kind of fails for me. The graphics are a little lacking, it's tough to control, and there's very little replay value. It's just a bit too frustrating for my taste.

Erik Choong

This game is right up my alley. It's sadistic fun, and I keep replaying in an effort to better my score.

The controls need some getting used to but I've played more frustrating games out there so it's not too bad. It'd be great if you could control your avatar after a crash to add more craziness to the game.

You can unlock costumes and bikes which are purely cosmetic, and premium bikes if you want to survive a little bit longer.

The Ghost Mode is interesting because you can race yourself but you don't get anything fpr winning. Note that the ghost you race against is the one that finished the previous race, rather than your best ghost.

To summarise, Faily Rider is a simple endless runner with frustrating controls thrown in to mix things up. People looking for an easy game should stay away from this. But for those looking for a challenge, go for it.

Sjoerd de Jong

Faily Rider is the sequel to Faily Brakes, and that's clear to see. Almost everything is the same, except you're riding a bike instead of driving a car.

I can see how people might enjoy playing this, with its quirky physics and simple gameplay, but I didn't really like it. You never feel in control over your vehicle, so it feels like it's the game's fault you died, not yours.

There's plenty of vehicles and characters to unlock though, and the free to play system is gentle.

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