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F1 Clash - Best car setup for a podium finish

F1 Clash - Best car setup for a podium finish
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The 2022 F1 season has just begun, and F1 mobile games are once again trending, be it F1 Mobile Racing or F1 Clash (previously F1 Manager). In this post, we will share with you the best car setup for a podium finish in F1 Clash. So let's get right into it.

Understanding Loadouts

First things first, let's understand how loadouts work. In a loadout, there are six components - Brakes, Gearbox, Rear Wing, Front Wing, Suspension and Engine. There are eight types of each part - the first one of each part, i.e. 'starter' is available by default. For the rest, you will have to unlock them by winning races and opening crates.

Obviously, the Series 7 parts (that unlock later in the game) are better but upgrading them costs a lot of money, and the parts required to upgrade them are also very rare. So, if you are relatively new to F1 Clash, I suggest you focus on upgrading series 5 or 6 parts to the max. However, since the driver is also rather important, we suggest you take a look at the list of best drivers in F1 Clash!

Understanding stats

Now that you know the parts, it's time to understand the stats. When you create a loadout, right below it you will see your car's stats with that particular loadout. The stats are classified into Power, Aero, Grip, Reliability and Average pit stop time.

Car setup in F1 Clash
  • Power determines the top speed and acceleration
  • Aero minimizes air resistance and improves speed around fast corners
  • Grip improves contact with the track and increases speed around slow corners
  • Higher reliability lowers the chance of a component breaking down during a race
  • Average pit stop time indicates how long your average pit stop will take. The lower the time faster the stop

What is the best car setup for a podium finish in F1 Clash?

Unfortunately, there are no straight answers to this question. Like in real F1 races, each track is different. At tracks like Silverstone, Spa and Suzuka, your car will perform well if your car's loadout has high grip. Similarly, at tracks like Monza and SPA, your car will perform well if it has high power.

First, you will have to look into the series you want to race in and then decide your loadout accordingly. For example, if you're going to race in series 5 it has power tracks like Monza and SPA, meaning you should build a high power loadout.

But if that's a little too much for you, then don't worry. Here is a general rule of thumb you can follow - try to build a loadout with at least 55 of Power, Aero, Grip, 30 of Reliability and try to keep the Average pit stop time below 3.5 seconds. This loadout will do just fine for you in most cases.

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