Extreme Lawn Bowls will revolutionise the genre

Err... what genre's that then?

Extreme Lawn Bowls will revolutionise the genre
| Extreme Lawn Bowls

Who would have thought the genre of bowling games needed to be revolutionised?

Well, that's what London-based studio Mediatonic is claiming is its goal with Extreme Lawn Bowls.

And as proof, it says its previous game - Must.Eat.Birds - changed the landscape of cake defence games forever.

As for the gentle rolling of off-balanced balls along a lawn, Extreme Lawn Bowls puts you in the 'highly-skilled' body of one of eight world-class competitors, each with their own special moves and unlockable bowl types.

The game has four tiers of Story mode and eight tournament trophies to win in single player mode. The turn-based multiplayer mode allows up to six players to battle it out for ultimate bowls supremacy.

The Score Attack mode - a more arcadey affair - fills the bowling arena with all manner of score-increasing bumpers, holes and tunnels for the player to rack up their highest score with five bowls.

Paul Croft, Mediatonic's creative director pithily comments: "Extreme Lawn Bowls is nothing short of our attempt to create the ultimate lawn bowling experience for iPhone. That is all."

Extreme Lawn Bowls is expected on the App Store in October.
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