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EverMerge is an object matching and merging puzzler with modernized versions of classic literary characters

Available now for iOS and Android

EverMerge is an object matching and merging puzzler with modernized versions of classic literary characters
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Big Fish Games' latest release, EverMerge, is available now for both iOS and Android. It sees players merging, matching and combining items to remove a mysterious fog that looms over the land. Along the way, you'll also meet a host of well-known literary characters.

This include the likes of Cinderella, Snow White, Puss in Boots and Rapunzel. However, here they've all received a modern spin to their usual characters. For instance, Rapunzel has become a social media influencer, whilst Snow White is a keen outdoor survivalist.

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The game challenges you to customise your own open world for these characters to live in. This will be achieved through a lot of merging, which is essentially matching and combining similar items to discover bigger and better versions of them. For example, merging several wood cabins will lead to more impressive dwellings.

These can also be combined for more spectacular merges that will eventually lead to meeting new story characters. A merge of three items is considered good, but a merge of five is what you'll be aiming for to get the best possible outcome.

Throughout your journey, you'll be able to recruit worker gnomes who will be happy to lend you a hand, and there will also be treats to collect that can be used in recipes to craft food for your roster of storybook characters to enjoy.

Discussing their latest game, Jeff Karp, Managing Director and President of Big Fish said: “Merge is a relatively new category for mobile gaming, and we're excited to expand upon it with EverMerge.”

He added: “We’ve learned a lot over the years from our puzzle players, and this game brings together favourite features like match and merge, with casual simulation elements such as gathering resources and world-building. EverMerge offers players robust gameplay and high-quality features with unique storybook characters who really steal the show.”

EverMerge is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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