Puzzler/shooter Evergrow goes on sale for 99p / 99c

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Puzzler/shooter Evergrow goes on sale for 99p / 99c
| Evergrow

Evergrow combines color-based matching with fast-paced arcade gameplay, and it's currently discounted for 99p / 99c on the App Store.

Controlling a group of squares, you float through a storm of other colored squares, dragging same-colored ones to expand in size while dodging or destroying others. Special tiles imbue your growing shape with shields, weapons, and other defensive abilities.

Evergrow's interesting blend of puzzle and action earned it a Bronze Award, described as a "sweet and clever mix of ideas that just about manages not to outstay its welcome."

Evergrow can be purchased on iPad and iPhone.

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Christian Valentin
Christian Valentin
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