How to use potions in Everdale?

Here is how to access and use potions in Everdale

How to use potions in Everdale?
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If you have brewed some potions for yourself in the Valley Potion maker in Everdale but can’t seem to find a way to access and use a potion, then you have come to the right place. In this post, we will be sharing a step-by-step guide on how to use potions in Everdale.

Though using potions is a straightforward task the game does not provide any instructions on how to use potions. As such, new players generally face many difficulties in figuring it out by themselves.

How to use potions in Everdale?

Potions can be used on villagers. That means the option to access and use potions will only pop up when you click on a villager. Follow these steps to use potions in Everdale:

  • Click on a villager
  • Go to the potions tab
  • Select a potion and click on the consume button

That is it. Now the selected villager will receive the temporary boost from the potion.

Everdale potions guide

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How to get potions?

Potions can be crafted in the valley in the Potion Maker. However, special ingredients such as Moss, Acorn will be required to brew potions.

Where do you get potion ingredients?

Brewing potions require special ingredients. Players can gather these ingredients by completing Otto tasks. Players can also get these ingredients from the reputation points chests and reward chests.

The potions only affect the villagers it is used on

Potions consumption

One important thing you must bear in mind is that when you use a potion by clicking on a villager, the potion's effect will only be activated for that particular villager. If you want to use the potion boost on more villagers, you will need more potions. 

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Everdale is available to download in selected regions via Google Play and App Store.

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