EVE Echoes delayed to late 2020 due to coronavirus

Still no firm release date

EVE Echoes delayed to late 2020 due to coronavirus
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EVE Echoes, CCP and NetEase's hotly-anticipated MMO, has been delayed until late 2020 due to complications arising from the ongoing coronavirus epidemic. The announcement, first spotted by Mobile Mode Gaming, arrived over on the game's official Twitter account earlier today.

EVE Echoes, if you didn't know, is an epic space-based adventure where you'll decide how exactly you want to live your life. Some may be inclined to role-play as a violent, pillaging space pirate, while others will be content to live life as a long-distance trader. The systems are in place to allow you to do as you please within its gargantuan universe.

I got some hands-on time with it during CCP's annual EVE Vegas event, and I came away fairly impressed. It feels incredibly authentic to its big brother, the ever-popular EVE Online, and the still-in-development build I played already displayed a great deal of polish.

Key features, including a basic tutorial, were still missing, but I got the sense that EVE Echoes could well blossom into something special for new and returning fans. It helps that it manages to retain much of EVE Online's depth within a more mobile-friendly package fit with easy-to-learn touchscreen controls.

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It's incredibly unfortunate to hear that its development schedule has been hindered by the ongoing coronavirus epidemic, but it should go without saying that the safety of those working on the game is more important than hitting a planned launch window.

While we don't yet have a solid release date, EVE Echoes is currently set to launch later this year for Android and iOS. It'll be a free-to-play title with IAPs. If you'd like to check out more of my thoughts on the game, as well as my interview with its Senior Producer, you can do so by following this here link.

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