Eve Echoes is joining hands with Project Discovery to aid real-life scientific research

Eve Echoes is joining hands with Project Discovery to aid real-life scientific research
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NetEase Games is now going to allow players to contribute to real-world science simply by playing Eve Echoes. The developers have partnered with MMO Science, VIB, and Ghent University to bring Project Discovery to the game.

Now, players who have dabbled in Eve Online will already know what this is about, but for those of you who don’t, Project Discovery is a citizen science project where players contribute to processing scientific data at a much faster pace than it is done by scientists. Eve Online’s collab with the project saw lots of data being churned and the goal is to achieve the same with Eve Echoes.

Project Discovery will be featured in Eve Echoes as a minigame that is available for players above Tech Level Seven. They can dock at a station and find the mission in the Events Menu. The task is extremely simple as well. All players have to do is match data points with each other. Completing this will earn everyone Science Credits which can be traded in for unique rewards like stunning skins and breathtaking sips.

Working fast and smart will be rewarded as well as those who manage to individually match these points at a good pace will be able to get their hands on more rewards as they’ll earn extra credits. The greater the contribution the bigger the prize as determined players will be granted extra Science Credits for their weekly and all-time participation too. There are a lot of ways to win credits and even more goodies to unlock.

At this rate, just by taking part in some simple tasks, players can aid in potentially revolutionary or life-saving research. Everyone can contribute to Project Discovery now by downloading Eve Echoes for free and trying out the minigame. Check out more information about this collaboration by visiting the official website as well.

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Tanish Botadkar
Tanish Botadkar
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