First Touch's football sim Euro Soccer dribbles onto iPhone and iPad

Summer's coming early

First Touch's football sim Euro Soccer dribbles onto iPhone and iPad
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Just in time for Euro 2012, First Touch Games has released Euro Soccer, the latest member of its iOS footballing family.

After the dev's recent success with the swipe-tastic Score! Classic Goals, Euro Soccer represents - in the studio's own words - a "return to our roots of traditional arcade soccer".

Euro Soccer, therefore, more closely resembles the Gold Award-winning First Touch Soccer (in fact, it's built upon the same engine) than Score! Classic Goals, granting players the genre-default side-on view of the pitch, plus a virtual D-pad and buttons.

Practice makes perfect

With a choice of over 4,000 players from 29 European nations, you certainly won't be short of team-building options, while the Training mode will help you put your new squad through its paces.

Once you're ready, you can either play a quick warm-up match or strike out for victory on your own Euro campaign.

Nostalgic types will also be able to enjoy some quintessential footy clashes via the game's Classic Matches mode.

Euro Soccer is available from the App Store now as a Universal app for £1.49 / $1.99.
James Gilmour
James Gilmour
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