Is Enigmo the best iPhone game?

It's got an award from Apple to prove it

Is Enigmo the best iPhone game?
| Enigmo

The dust is still settling from Apple's announcement of the 3G iPhone on Monday at its WWDC show in San Francisco.

But the company has also been bigging up the best iPhone games and applications, with its Apple Design Awards.

They included a Best iPhone Game category, which was won by Pangea Software's Enigmo 1.0. In fact, Apple liked the game so much, it was demoed during Steve Jobs' keynote speech on Monday.

So what is it? The game is a 3D puzzler with shades of The Incredible Machine, with you building mechanisms to send lasers, plasma and water pinging round the screen to hit switches and deactivate forcefields.

It looks lovely, as you can see from the screenshots above. Presumably it's also showcasing the iPhone's capabilities for whizzy physics (a technical industry term, obviously).

The game will be released for iPhone and iPod touch, hopefully soon after the iPhone App Store launches next month. We're really looking forward to getting our thumbs on it.