iPhone puzzler Enigmo updated with realtime multiplayer

Via the magic of Game Center

iPhone puzzler Enigmo updated with realtime multiplayer
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The number of games supporting Apple’s Game Center service is slowly creeping up day-by-day.

Surprisingly, a good portion of these titles are some of the earliest entries on the App Store, each hoping for a return to the forefront of the iOS gamer’s mind.

The other week I Love Katamari blasted back from 2008 and this time it’s the award-winning Enigmo that’s dropped onto our screens to remind us of its charms.

The game is fairly simple – manipulate objects so that droplets of various substances (water, oil, lava) can bounce towards their individual targets.

Don’t be fooled though, the actual puzzles are rock hard.

Play together

The latest update not only adds shiny achievements to the game, as you’d expect from Game Center support, but also includes realtime multiplayer over 3G or Wifi.

We never reviewed Enigmo at the time, but its sequel managed a Pocket Gamer silver award. It hasn’t been updated to support Game Center yet.

Enigmo is available now from the App Store for £1.19, $1.99 or €1.59 and can be bought using the link below.

Will Wilson
Will Wilson
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