Pangea reassured about its switch from Mac to iPhone

Mac developments only ever brought in ‘lunch money’

Pangea reassured about its switch from Mac to iPhone
| Enigmo

We reported on Pangea’s abandonment of Mac development in favour of the iPhone at the end of last year, when its profits from iPhone developments began to shine through its financial fog.

Well, 'abandonment' is a strong word. 'Refocusing of development resources' is probably more accurate.

Anyway, it seems that Pangea made the right choice, as new figures show a serious rise in revenue for the software house now that all its attentions have been placed on the iPhone.

According to founder Brain Greenstone, development of Mac software was “lunch money” compared to the $1.5 million Enigmo has brought in since last July. He’s careful to point out that Pangea doesn’t think any less of the Mac as a system - it’s just not the one that’s turning a profit.

He also offers up some sage advice for new developers. The randomness of the App Store, as Greenstone puts it, means that a bad app can make a lot of money and a good one can go unnoticed. His advice? Don’t spend too much money on your iPhone game developments.

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