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Endling - Extinction is Forever has finally launched for Android and iOS

Endling - Extinction is Forever has finally launched for Android and iOS

HandyGames and Herobeat Studios have now released Endling - Extinction is Forever for iOS and Android after previously being available on Steam. The award-winning title tells the gut-wrenching story of a mother fox and her little cubs.

Endling – Extinction is Forever, takes place in a possible universe. Why possible? Because our endless thirst for expansion may lead us onto a dark pathway with no return. Players see this from the perspective of a mother fox trying to ensure that her cubs survive in this unforgiving world, where they are the last living family of their kind.

In-game, mankind took altering the biosphere to the point that it became extremely hard to keep both plant and animal life alive. Even the humans haven’t been spared either. But as the last mother fox remaining on the planet, she must take responsibility in her hands, especially when it comes to her offspring.

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Players will control the fox throughout her perilous journey as she struggles to keep her cubs alive. It’s hunt or be hunted. The fox will have to kill other animals to prevent herself from being caught and also to gather food. Survival skills will be extremely important as players move from shelter to shelter, making tough decisions that will extract an emotional toll.

As emotionally wrecking Endling’s story may be, it is equally powerful and carries a just as important message. Pairing that with a unique art style and soothing soundtrack, the game has won many awards including a nomination at The Game Awards 2022 too.

Endling – Extinction is Forever can be downloaded using one of the links below. It is available for a premium of $9.99. The mobile version also supports full controller support and cloud saves.

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