Encodya, a bittersweet dystopian adventure of a girl and her protector, has launched on Android and iOS

Encodya, a bittersweet dystopian adventure of a girl and her protector, has launched on Android and iOS
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Assemble Entertainment and Chaosmonger Studio have just announced the launch of their award-winning dystopian point-and-click adventure Encodya on Android and iOS. It features the visually stunning but grim world of Berlin in the year 2062, where the city is collapsing thanks to turmoil and greed, and the citizens are holding onto whatever little hope that exists. However, through all this chaos, an unlikely saviour who will turn the tide arises. Check out the trailer below:

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All of a sudden, the weight of the world has suddenly fallen on little Tina’s shoulders. She is the protagonist of this bittersweet tale, an orphaned nine-year-old, who now has to save the planet. Luckily, Tina is not alone as she is accompanied by her guardian – SAM-53, a powerful robot whose only function is to protect Tina. The dynamic duo must embark on a journey to finish what her father started by freeing the ailing population from the grasp of greedy and controlling corporations.

Encodya will force Tina and SAM-53 to take on multiple different challenges like fighting scary robots and corrupt human beings. The pair must solve puzzles and unearth conspiracies to discover the crux of the entire situation. During their adventure, they will visit over 100 distinct locations brimming with things to explore and interact with more than 34 unique NPCs who will deepen Encodya’s story.

The game’s dark cyberpunk world is the perfect culmination of Studio Ghibli’s beauty and Blade Runner’s atmosphere. Encodya can be downloaded on the App Store and Google Play. While the console and PC editions cost £24.99 and £31.99 respectively, the mobile versions can be bought for a premium of £8.49. Further details can be found on their official Twitter and Facebook handles.

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