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Massive MMO Elsword: Evolution now on iOS and Android

28 million people can't be wrong, can they?

Massive MMO Elsword: Evolution now on iOS and Android
| Elsword: Evolution

Hugely successful MMORPG Elsword: Evolution has made the jump to mobile and can be downloaded on iOS and Android right now.

This anime-themed MMO takes players to the world of Elrios and is filled with 3D graphics and intense side-scrolling levels.

The game has been redesigned to take advantage of touch-sensitive controls, making it seamless for users to defend the magical El Stone and those it protects.

Elsword features three character classes at launch, with a further six to be added over time.

The PvE mode pits you against hundreds of enemies in a variety of quests where you can collect gold and XP. You'll earn huge rewards for beating bosses, but can summon mounts to stand by your side and upgrade abilities to improve your capabilities.

Elsword: Evolution also enables players to fight online in PvP combat against others from all over the world. You can join clans, or compete individually in the global rankings.

There's even a marriage and partner system which lets you build bonds with other characters, letting you chain combos together.

The game is free to download and available to grab right now. Though there have been some early reports of server issues.

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