How to unlock clans, skills, rewards, and more in Elsword: Evolution

Fashion! Equipment! Friends List!

How to unlock clans, skills, rewards, and more in Elsword: Evolution
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Elsword: Evolution is an enormous game, filled with crazy stuff like clans, regional battles, friends lists, magical beasts, and upgradeable skills.

Problem is, all the best stuff is locked away until you reach certain levels and finish certain dungeons. So, to help you figure out what you need to do to get ahead, here's a list of all the cool stuff you can get in Elsword, and how.

Level 3 - Skills Skills

At level 3 you'll unlock the skills book. From here you can pick which three skills you want to assign to your character, and you can upgrade those skills to boost their attack power.

Level 3 (and passed Dungeon at Noah's Lake 2) - Equipment Eqipment

Once you've passed this stage, you'll also unlock the equipment screen. Here you can place different armour, helmets, boots, gloves, and more on your character to boost their stats further. Equipment can also be refined to give them new, or improved attributes.

Level 6 - Rewards Rewards

Hitting level 6 will let you unlock the rewards menu. From here you can receive handy items for finishing parts of the story, for doing daily tasks, and finishing other chores. Make sure you come back to this screen regularly to see if there's anything new.

Level 6 (and passed Dungeon at Tree of Earl 2) - Fashion Fashion

This will give you access to the, erm, "Ice Shaver Machine" which lets you buy fashionable items for your hero. They don't just make you look cool, but also give you handy stat boosts. You can get some items for free, or buy them with premium currency, and then wear them from the "Fashion" menu.

Level 10 (and passed Dungeon at Forest Ruin 1) - Illusional Beast Beast

At level 10 you'll be able to use beasts. These are very powerful creatures who can be unleashed once per battle. You can unlock new beasts, and then equip them with all manner of star stones and whatnot to increase their power further.

Level 17 (and passed Dungeon at the Misty Wetlands 1) - Clan Clan

Once you hit level 17 you can enter a clan. Clan members can play rock-papers-scissors against each other, share items, and generally become more powerful. Like the character, the clan grows over time.

Level 19 - Friends Friends

The friends list does exactly what it says on the tin. It lets you keep a list of buddies so you can quickly find each other to chat. You'll be able to send each other flowers to receive handy bonuses.

Level 20 (and passed Dungeon at the Ed's Village) - Tree of Earl Earl

The Tree of Earl, unlocked at level 20, lets you pick and collect fruit. These fruits then raid dungeons on your behalf. How? I have no earthly idea. Once you have fruit you can pick an old level, choose raid, and spend some fruit to automatically get experience points and loot from the dungeon without even having to fight.

Level 20 (and passed Dungeon at the Misty Wetlands 3) - Magic Closet Magic Closet

The Magic Closet can be found in the fashion section of the game. This thing… well I honestly don't know. I think, and don't quote me on this, but you can find out about groups of fashion items that - if worn at the same time - will give you certain bonuses.But really, your guess is as good as mine.

Level 21- Daily Missions Daily

You can find these daily tasks in the rewards section. Each day you'll get some chores to complete, and if you come back here after you've done them you can obtain some experience points and gold. Hooray.

Level 21 (and passed Dungeon at the Wollie's Monument Bridge 1) - Warrior's Trial Trial

The Warrior's Trial is a bunch of special missions that you can do to earn extra rewards. In one you're just wailing on massive gold statues until they break.

Level 23 (and passed Dungeon at the Wollie's Monument Bridge 3) - Magic Card

This lets you "defeat mobs, collect magic cards, and increase power"

Level 24 (and passed Dungeon at the Twin's Observatory 1) - Battle Arena

This lets you "battle to get ranking, and receive unlimited diamonds"

Level 28 (and passed Dungeon at the Wollie's Castle Rampart 1) - Region Competition

This lets you "Manually fight other players for one one month. The winners at the end get huge prizes"

Level 30 (and passed Dungeon at Dark Forest 2) - Artifact

Here, "Guang Wu can increase its power by upgrading it, refining it, materials can be received through Haniel space time". What that means is literally anyone's guess.

Level 33 (and passed Dungeon at Dark Forest 5) - Partner

This lets you team up with another player. You can work together to boost your powers.

Level 35 - Magic Stone

This magic stone can be used on your equipment to boost its power.

Level 38 (and passed Chapter 5 Dungeon at the Wollie's Castle Rampart 1) - Limit Challenge

This thing lets you "produce large amount of aura, rare weapon".

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