Quake 3 maps running on iPhone multiplayer shooter Eliminate

On jailbroken iPhones, but still...

Quake 3 maps running on iPhone multiplayer shooter Eliminate
| Eliminate Pro

The highly anticipated online iPhone FPS Eliminate is currently taking the App Store by storm, though concerns over the game's control system and revenue model are ricocheting around the internet.

But some clever code tinkerers with jailbroken iPhones have discovered an interesting way to squeeze some extra blood from the Eliminate stone. Apparently, the game is inherently compatible with Quake 3 map packs, so long as you know how to install them.

There are some issues with Eliminate picking up the textures for the models (as the two systems use different formats) but otherwise installing the ".pak" maps essentially allows you to play Quake 3 within the Eliminate system - and rumours are emerging that you can also play the online game if participating devices all have the appropriate maps installed.

Whether this is coincidence or deliberate only ngmoco can say, but all you lucky jailbroken iPhone users have a small window of opportunity to mod Eliminate (at your own risk, of course). Check this out for more details.