Elemental Titans' latest update introduces the new Animon system

Elemental Titans' latest update introduces the new Animon system

All9Fun released their 3D idle arena RPG – Elemental Titans a little over three months ago on Android. Since then, it has been very well received with great reviews and a high rank on Google Play’s top recommended games. Elemental Titans also celebrated its 100th day since its launch recently and today the developers are releasing a brand new system called Animon.

In Elemental Arena’s latest update, players will finally be able to access the anticipated Animon system that brings new content and challenges to the game. It is essentially a pet system that will integrate with the Hero Summon, cross-server PvP and Guild buildings mechanics. Players will be able to get themselves their own Animons which they will nurture so that they can help them in battle and use powerful skills.

There are a bunch of Animons to pick from. They all have exotic looks and unique character designs, but one thing is common – they are super adorable. Players can get their hands on paranoid mons, alien bunnies, the firestorm maker - Phoenix surrounded by flames, and many more. Crafting these cute creatures is possible by collecting Animon Shards or by hatching them from Animon Nests.

The best part is that there isn’t a limit on how many Animons a single player can have either. There’s a whole list of them and it is possible to own every one of them. All of them can be raised together to feature different characteristics to use them in battle wisely. Plus, collecting more of them is crucial to upgrading the Spiritual Hearts. This will help make hero teams more powerful. Also, inserting Atrigems in Animons is a highly recommended move.

Get your hands on these Animons by downloading Elemental Titans now for free on Google Play.

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