On The Wind developer releases frantic arcade title EEK!

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On The Wind developer releases frantic arcade title EEK!
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Don't Step On The Cracks has just released an interesting-looking fast-paced arcade title for the iPhone and iPad title called EEK!.

In EEK!, you jump into the driver's seat of a spaceship, and attempt to pilot it around dangerous asteroids and the powerful explosions that they make as they collide with one another.

Asteroids leave behind trails of precious gold, which you can collect and use to power up your ship. Your powered-up vessel can smash straight through any obstacles or hazards you encounter.

Don't Step On The Cracks is, of course, the development studio behind Pocket Gamer Bronze Award-winning title On The Wind, so we have high hopes for this game.

You can grab EEK! as a Universal app for 69p / 99c.

Anthony Usher
Anthony Usher
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