Mobigame's Edge coming to PSP Minis

Vindicated iPhone puzzler headed to PSP

Mobigame's Edge coming to PSP Minis
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Having defeated Tim Langdell and stormed the App Store's top 10 grossing chart, Mobigame is taking its next step to handheld domination.

Publisher Connect2Media has confirmed that blocky platformer Edge is coming to the PSP Minis service.

The game was recently released back onto the App Store after nearly a year of absense due to copyright infringement over ownership of the word 'Edge'.

The iPhone edition of Edge scored a Gold Award 9/10 from us here at Pocket Gamer, with Keith commenting that "Edge is the kind of iPhone title where style and substance unite, creating a block-shifting puzzler that's as maze-y as it is amazing".

There's no word on when exactly the PSP release will be, but we'll let you know the moment we hear anything.