Mobigame vindicated as Edge goes into US top 10 grossing chart


Mobigame vindicated as Edge goes into US top 10 grossing chart
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Mobigame's Edge appeared once again in the App Store last week, suggesting that Tim Langdell's reign of terror may have come to an end.

And not only is the game back, but it's also doing rather well, entering the top grossing app charts at #10.

Early last year, the now infamous Langdell claimed ownership of the word Edge, and Apple pulled Mobigame's cube-roller from the store.

Subsequent attempts to resolve the issue - including changing the name to EDGY - failed and the game was left in release limbo.

But now released back into the App Store with a special reduced price of 99c, combined with the general good will of gamers, has seen the title shooting up to #3 in the top US paid app charts, and #10 in the overall top grossing chart.

It may not be quite over yet though as Tim Langdell has since commented that "This has happened twice before and each time Apple took the game down again a few days later".

Mobigame's CEO David Papazian seems certain the situation has ended in its favour however.

"Today the justice will take care of him," he said in a statement following Edge's rerelease.

Edge is also available on Java, Android and Blackberry via publisher Connect2Media, and is also coming to Brew and PSP Minis.