Mobigame claims victory as Edge is back up on US App Store

Price dropped to 99c in celebration

Mobigame claims victory as Edge is back up on US App Store
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It seems that the prolonged pseudo-legal action between Tim Langdell and various other developers whose games have the word Edge in their title is over.

David Papazian, CEO of French outfit Mobigame, whose Edge (aka Edgy) game, was the focus of the battle, has sent out an email saying "Edge is back (again)".

"The multi award winning game Edge is back on the App Store in the United States and in the United Kingdom," he details.

Apple has approved the game back onto the App Store, but hasn't formally commented to Mobigame.

Papazian contines: "During one year we had to fight a fraud to release our game in the US and in the UK. Today the justice will take care of him. We fought not only for us, but also for other indies and bigger companies.

"We were not alone during this year, and we thank all of you for all your efforts. Thanks to us all, the word "edge" is now free to exist on the App Store like on any other marketplace, and games like Mirror's Edge, Shadow Edge, Killer Edge Racing or Edge by Mobigame can live on our iDevices.

To celebration this victory and renaming, Edge's price has been reduced to 99c, €0.79 or 59p for the weekend.