Edge pulled from the App Store


Edge pulled from the App Store
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We've been following the turmoils of award-winning iPhone puzzle game Edge after it was voluntarily removed from the App Store while developer Mobigame debated a copyright issue with video game hanger-on, Tim Langdell.

This time, however, Mobigame's David Papazian tells Cult of Mac that the award-winning game's removal from the App Store is a mystery.

“We did not pull it. We don’t know exactly why it has been pulled [and] we don’t know if the game will come back. Maybe it will in some territories, but it does not depend on us. We are as surprised as many people, I think.”

Langdell has reportedly accused the game of not only infringing his (dubious) ownership due of the name (Langdell being well-known for contesting anything with the name 'Edge', though the iPhone's EDGE Gay News Reader still appears to be live) but that the gameplay mimics his own game Bobby Bearing.

This seems highly unlikely, since Edge is nothing like Bobby Bearing, which is itself a direct clone of Marble Madness.

Mobigame, however, says it's prepared to fight, believing the law is on its side. Good luck, fellas. This is one game the iPhone needs to retain.

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