Award winning Edge returns to iPhone after copyright dispute

The legal edges blur, and the game reappears

Award winning Edge returns to iPhone after copyright dispute
| Edge

The award winning puzzle game Edge was pulled from the App Store at the beginning of the month after it allegedly became the latest victim in a copyright dispute over the use of the name "Edge".

Apparently that title is owned by an individual called Tim Langdell, who has a history of protecting his copyright quite aggressively.

The whole, greyish-coloured legal shenanigans surrounding this issue has set the internet on fire lately, but Mobigames's title just reappeared on the App Store, which we're quite happy about.

As confusing as the copyright issue is (which is generally quite difficult to enforce when it's a common-use word, like "Edge" - hence companies being called Costco, Wallmart, Tesco and so forth) Langdell's participation in the games industry appears to be equally baffling.

To be honest, rubbing virtual shoulders with the legal blood-suckers is about as much fun as attending a party political conference while wearing a blue tie, so we're just happy that Edge is back. If you want to get dirty legal spoodge all over yourself, though, check out this, this, this, this, this, this, this and this.

Or you could just spend the time playing Edge, instead.