Edge Games: 'When did EA suddenly become the good guys?'

Langdell bites back

Edge Games: 'When did EA suddenly become the good guys?'
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The blogosphere prematurely engaged in the journalistic equivalent of singing 'Ding Dong, the Witch is Dead' yesterday after a Dice's Johan Andersson tweeted (and then deleted) the message, "Yay! We (DICE & EA + friends) have finally killed the idiotic 'Edge' name patent!"

VG247 also pulled a story it had published on the subject, and it turned out that the filing was merely for an amended petition to have the trademark cancelled.

Now, Langdell has struck back. An unnamed spokesperson for Edge Games has claimed to Eurogamer that the company is “completely certain” of victory in the current legal battle, since EA has “no new detail that enables them to argue fraud.”

Painting his predicament as a sort of David versus Goliath, family values versus corporate greed situation, Langdell goes on to say, "we are the oldest remaining British game company, and one of the oldest remaining US game companies doesn't like the fact there is still one UK company older than itself that they have not yet destroyed."

Langdell also points a finger at the press, saying, “Isn't it amazing how biased towards Electronic Arts the press is on this? When did EA suddenly become the good guys?”

To be fair, Dr Langdell, it's not just the press. The (cleaner) reader comments attached to the story Pocket Gamer ran yesterday read, in order:

I'm still waiting for Langdell to sue companies such as SEGA for sonic the hEDGEhog, Konami with mEDal GEar solid and don't forgtet Nintendo: lEDGEnd of zelda spirit tracks - Steven May that idiot burn in hell... - Dirk That's funny. He spent all this time bullying around indie devs, but then he stepped to EA and got pimp-slapped. He really shouldn't have messed with the big boys. - dumas1000 Did he sue WWE due to the character Edge in the WWE Games? - ecco6t9 Eurogamer