Here are the PS Vita games you'll be playing this week

Including Ecolibrium, SunFlowers, and plenty of PSone titles

Here are the PS Vita games you'll be playing this week
| Ecolibrium

Dig your PS Vita out, readers: there's a trio of hot new games to be had on the PlayStation Store this week.

Ecolibrium is first up, and get this - it's free. In this brand-new nature sim, you look after a virtual ecosystem of strange creatures and plant life, and trade these thingamajigs with your friends. Neato.

In addition, you have the lovely-looking SunFlowers, which is threatening to give us a cuteness overdose. Share flowers with your friends, all for £2.39.

There's also a new game called MUD: FIM Motocross World Championship available for the Vita. It's a download version of a retail game, so it will set you back £31.99 if you choose to dig in.

Necessary Evil

Furthermore, a whole host of PSone classics are currently on sale on the PS Store, including various Raymans, Resident Evils, and Tekkens. You can check out the full list of discounted titles by clicking on this here link.

Note that Resident Evil 2 doesn't work on the PS Vita at the moment, but Sony says that it will at some point.

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Mike Rose
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