Sony's new nature sim to bring Ecolibrium to your PS Vita

One day, Simba...

Sony's new nature sim to bring Ecolibrium to your PS Vita
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Sony is preparing to unleash an entire ecosystem onto your PS Vita in the form of downloadable nature sim Ecolibrium.

The perfect tonic for frustrated game keepers (or battle jaded Pokemon players), Ecolibrium - which is out tomorrow - is all about creating harmony in a virtual world filled with exotic plants and impossible creatures.

If you want your electronic Eden to flourish, you're going to have to carefully select the perfect combination of plant and animal species.

You can 'hunt' additional creatures (like the handsome devil pictured above) using GPS, and release unwanted beasties into the wild to be picked up by other players via Near. Livestock can also be bought and sold through player-to-player auctions.

Judging by the launch trailer (below), it looks like the game will make judicious use of the Vita's accelerometer to help you survey and interact with your weird and wonderful world.

If you always fancied yourself as the next David Attenborough (or Jurassic Park-era Richard Attenborough), Ecolibrium will be available to download for free from the PlayStation Store tomorrow.

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