Echoes of Mana is celebrating 1.5 million downloads with numerous rewards and characters

Echoes of Mana is celebrating 1.5 million downloads with numerous rewards and characters

Square Enix’s highly anticipated JRPG Echoes of Mana launched a little over a month ago and it has already amassed over 1.5 million downloads worldwide. To celebrate this feat, Echoes of Mana will feature a new scenario event called Searching for Lost Luster. It will showcase an ally, Elazul, which fans of the series will realise is from the iconic Legend of Mana game. Another heroine from the same game, Lady Blackpearl will also find herself in Echoes of Mana in the Searching for Lost Luster Harvest summons.

The Searching for Lost Luster scenario event is already accessible for everyone and will continue to be available until June 30th. Players can expect to be challenged with a number of quests that must be completed to earn event points (both High-Level EP and EP). These points can then be exchanged for exclusive rewards at the EP Trader. To add to that, players will also be able to get their hands on the three-star Young Jumi Knight Version Ally Elazul and the three-star Show of Faith memory gem.

Furthermore, the storyline continues with the release of Chapter 6: In a Patchworked World Main Quest which promises to be the most unconventional echo yet. The search for the Mana Sword continues while a new echo is presented. Players have only the unknown voices of two young girls to follow as they journey into a cryptic place where they will eventually meet the Elazul from Legend of Mana and Keldric from Dawn of Mana.

Finally, the Searching for Lost Luster Harvest Summons will let players add to their rosters – four-star Jumi’s First Year Lady Blackpearl, four-star Pride of Thieves Version Hawkeye, and four-star Chasing the Light memory gem.

Begin getting your hands on all these rewards by downloading Echoes of Mana for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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