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Echoes of Aeons arrives on iOS to deliver an epic RPG experience for genre veterans and newcomers alike

A made-for-mobile RPG epic

Echoes of Aeons arrives on iOS to deliver an epic RPG experience for genre veterans and newcomers alike
| Echoes of Aeons

After over 8 years of development, the hotly anticipated Echoes of Aeons has finally launched for iOS. Alchimia Studios and Crescent Moon Games' love letter to the RPG genre mixes old-school adventuring with modern sensibilities in a way that makes it both a great entry point and something that battle-hardened veterans can easily appreciate.

It takes place in the land of Terra and tells the tale of Rinelesca "Rin" Stellaris and Eldric Estellion. They're both dealing with some pretty earth-shattering dilemmas, with Rin being the heir to the land of Lusec, a nation caught in the midst of a great war, and Eldric dealing with the issue of maybe, possibly not being entirely human.

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While it might outwardly appear to be a purely old-school RPG, it's a lot more modern than you'd perhaps expect. For starters, it ditches the turn-based battles of its biggest inspirations in favour of action-packed, real-time combat. I especially enjoy experimenting with the duo's different abilities and summoning magical weapons on the fly. 

So far, it's lived up to expectations wonderfully. The art style and overall presentation are regularly stunning, its world has gradually drawn me in, and it has that grand, sweeping feel of the best old-school RPGs.

Honestly, it's just super refreshing to play a mobile RPG without excessive compromises or monetisation woes. This is a meaty, complete adventure made with passion, flair, and a great deal of care. It's definitely one to check out if you're a fan of the genre or have bounced off other, seemingly similar games in the past.

Echoes of Aeons is now available for purchase on the App Store as a premium title priced at $4.99. More info on the game can be found over on developer Alchimia Studios' official site.

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