Gameloft facing backlash over freemium model for Dungeon Hunter 3

Majority of early App Store reviews rally against new direction for the series

Gameloft facing backlash over freemium model for Dungeon Hunter 3
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You don’t have to be a magical seer equipped with +1 Robes of Seeing, to guess how changing a premium ‘hardcore’ RPG series into a freemium arena-based title would go down with fans of the franchise.

Despite this, Gameloft soldiered on with its commitment to release its latest titles as free downloads, with Dungeon Hunter 3 being the latest series hitting the App Store to receive the in-app purchase treatment

Predictably, fans aren’t impressed.

Pay to lose?

Despite being a featured app in most of the major territories over Christmas, and graphics that put a lot of games to shame, Dungeon Hunter 3 has so far attracted a rather dismal two star rating from iOS gamers.

The rating doesn’t appear to be a reflection of the quality of the game, however, and more to do with the new business model.

App Store reviewer and series fan Bobacce cuts to the chase, describing the new title as “no longer about about about how much money the can get out of you”, while another long-time follower of the series, LittleOwl11, talks of how the developer has “ripped out what made [Dungeon Hunter 1 and 2] so great...and replaced it with IAPs”.

The old ways

This is the second time in as many days that the French mobile giant has faced backlash from fans over its new business direction.

Yesterday the company issued a formal apology on its Facebook page for inserting adverts into the formally paid-for Hero of Sparta 2 when it switched the game to a free download.

It’s interesting to note, however, that while Dungeon Hunter may be getting crushed under poor reviews, another recent convert to freemium, Real Football 2012 is currently riding high on the App Store with a four star rating.

We’ll have our review on Dungeon Hunter 3 up on site soon.

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