Dungeon Hunter 3 updated with multiplayer - deathmatch and co-op modes

Meanwhile, acclaimed boardgame Blokus and Block Breaker 3 go free

Dungeon Hunter 3 updated with multiplayer - deathmatch and co-op modes
| Dungeon Hunter 3

In a surprising twist (surprising for us, anyway), Gameloft has sent out its Friday press release before all the writers in PG Towers have headed to their 'sleeping cells' for the night.

The upshot of this is that we can tell you (on time) that Dungeon Hunter 3 has just been updated with the long-awaited multiplayer modes, bringing co-op and (a series first) deathmatch to the freemium arena-based action RPG.

It probably won't placate those fans annoyed with the change in direction of the series, but if you're still plugging away at the horde, those extra spellswords should come in handy.


Meanwhile, Gameloft's acclaimed boardgame conversion Blokus has had its price slashed to pieces, merely leaving the tattered remains of a price tag scattered across the shores of the App Store.

Or, to be more prosaic: it's available for free for a limited time.

Blokus picked up a stonking Pocket Gamer Gold Award on Java, so it comes recommended.

Finally, Block Breaker 3 Free+ has just been released for iPhone and iPad, which - as you can probably guess from the title - is the free(+) version of the Silver Award-winning Block Breaker 3.

That '+' symbol is the universally acknowledged sign for a Gameloft freemium game, if you were wondering, so expect to be breaking the bank alongside those blocks.

All three titles are out now, for (initially) none of your British pounds / US dollars / Brazilian real.

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