Fight alongside your buddies in Dungeon Hunter 3's new multiplayer mode

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Fight alongside your buddies in Dungeon Hunter 3's new multiplayer mode
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In the Android version of sword-swinging slash-'em-up Dungeon Hunter 3, you can now enter the arena with a friend at your side, thanks to the game's new multiplayer mode.

While the iOS crowd have been chopping up baddies arm-in-arm for a few months, multiplayer has been conspicuous by its absence in the 'droid version of Gameloft's combat-centric fantasy fighter. Until today.

Sharpen your blades, open-source warriors, for you, too, can now eliminate evil alongside your buddies in the co-op mode. If you'd rather kill your friend than help him, though, you can take part in the new deathmatch mode.

What a load

However, before you scrabble around for your Android phone and bash the 'update' button on Google Play, you should probably know that Dungeon Hunter 3's Google Play Store page is currently littered with 1-star reviews stating that the update is breaking the game.

According to a number of commenters, downloading the update causes the game to become stuck in a boot loop, in which the installer repeatedly attempts to download a 0.9GB data pack, thereby locking players out of the game.

We've contacted Gameloft about this problem, and will keep you informed of any developments.

You can download Dungeon Hunter 3 for free right this second from Google Play.

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James Gilmour
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