Dungeon Hunter 3 confirmed as ‘coming soon’ to Android and iOS

Tricky to find

Dungeon Hunter 3 confirmed as ‘coming soon’ to Android and iOS
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Gameloft has tried to be all crafty by hiding the announcement of Dungeon Hunter 3 for iOS and Android inside the Dungeon Hunter Alliance Mac trailer.

The first reference to the next instalment of the French studio's dungeon-crawler series (think Diablo) is tucked away at the one-minute mark in the video below, with Gameloft’s Josh (he’s the one that isn’t a hot lady) manhandling an iPhone running the title.

Previous Dungeon Hunter games have been a little derivative, but that hasn’t prevented them from being enjoyable romps. The most recent episode even managed to snag a Pocket Gamer Silver Award from the chest of games for its depth.

No further details on Dungeon Hunter 3 have been announced thus far, but we’d stake a handful of gold coins on Gameloft following this up with a proper announcement over the next week or so.

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