GDC ’09: Apogee shows off Duke Nukem Trilogy on PSP and DS

DS Duke to be castrated

GDC ’09: Apogee shows off Duke Nukem Trilogy on PSP and DS
| Duke Nukem: Critical Mass

As cult videogame icons go, you don’t get much cultier or more iconic than Duke Nukem. Think of him as a walking parody of every brainlessly macho action film star ever, while the games he stars in simultaneously send up and celebrate the sort of over the top mayhem you can only find in videogames. And it’s all done in the worst possible taste.

At GDC '09, Apogee is showing off Duke Nukem Trilogy on PSP and DS, which we first announced back in July of last year.

Unsurprisingly, there’ll be three games in the series - Duke Nukem Critical Mass, Duke Nukem Chain Reaction, and Duke Nukem Proving Grounds - with a continuous story flowing through them. The first one will be out in the summer.

Interestingly, while the PSP iterations will receive the series-standard mature rating (Duke’s a very naughty boy), the DS versions will be toned down, as the developer tries to cater to a younger audience.

Whether it’s entirely appropriate even attempting to make a “hyper-masculine, egotistical, machismo-filled womanizer” (thanks Wikipedia) more appealing to kiddies is perhaps a matter for our comments section.

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