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Duke Nukem can see for miles and miles

PSP version has depth but the DS version no socks

Duke Nukem can see for miles and miles
| Duke Nukem: Critical Mass

Have you forgotten there's a 'new' Duke Nukem game on the way for DS and PSP? Maybe you've given up on the entire franchise after the whole 'when it's done' fandango of Duke Nukem Forever...

Well, over on publisher Apogee's forum, the curtain may have been drawn back a little with respect to Duke Nukem Trilogy, the handheld reworkings of the three main games of the Duke series, two of which were 2D sidescrollers and one the classic Duke Nukem 3D.

"Both the DS and PSP versions of the game are coming along nicely," the post starts. "On the DS side the graphics are blowing the socks off everyone who sees it (those lucky few outside the company that have seen it), and on the PSP, they say the depth of view is the best they have seen to date for that device."

It's not what we'd probably highlight as a major marketing bulletpoint but hey. The post continues...

"Development is proceeding at a feverish pace on both systems. There has been implementation of some unique features specific to each system that owners will be glad to see. We are also including some cool bonus game play features that we haven't spoken about that we feel will enhance the overall way the game is played. That's all we can say for now, other than stay tuned, more info in greater detail is on the way!"
Duke Nukem Trilogy is due for release in the summer. Which year? We're not sure.

[thanks to PSPFanboy]