Duke Nukem coming to DS?

Big guns could be coming to Nintendo's little handheld

Duke Nukem coming to DS?

He's had a bit of time off over the last few years (aside from a decidedly average outing on mobile) but it seems there's still a place in this politically-correct world for Duke Nukem, a man with muscles the size of Arnie's and one who - like the US governor - we'd assumed had hung up his machine guns for good.

Out of nowhere, however, several bits of news are circulating online about the war-mongerer's return. Beginning with the existence of Duke Nukem Forever - a new PC game everyone had assumed had disappeared forever following about eight years in development. But apparently, Nukem's creator 3D Realms has recently shown the game to a gaming site, which is vouching it does indeed still exist.

And today, Cubed3 is reporting the possibility of a DS version of the game. The information comes from a retail schedule that lists two versions of Duke Nukem as coming out in 2008. One is the aforementioned PC game and the other is a DS version.

So, there you have it. Duke Nukem could be coming to DS at some point this year. But does anyone care about the big burly caricature of a muscle-man any more, or are we all a bit sick of first-person shooters with buckets of violence and big guns but not much else?

We're not sure, but going on how long it's taken 3D Realms to get Duke Nukem on PC into a playable shape, we'll believe this DS game when we see it.