Duke Nukem: Critical Mass kicks alien butt on DS tomorrow

Due on PSP soon

Duke Nukem: Critical Mass kicks alien butt on DS tomorrow

The story of 90s gaming hunk Duke Nukem has plenty of ups and downs, and pauses.

But while console and PC gamers await the release of the on-off-on-again Duke Nukem Forever in June, another off delayed Duke game is apparently due out tomorrow.

Surprise, surprise

Originally announced for DS and PSP back in 2008 as Duke Nukem Trilogy, it's since morphed in Duke Nukem: Critical Mass.

Interestingly, this was the name of one of the three parts of the Trilogy - alongside Chain Reaction and Proving Grounds - although it's not clear if they have been dropped, or whether it was just thought Critical Mass sounded better as a title.

Anyhow, as you can see from the video below, all the usual Duke elements - aliens, babes, butts to be kicked, guns to be fired etc - are present and correct.

The game uses 3D graphics, but appears to works as a 2.5D action platformer for the most part, albeit with some full 3D shooting elements. Shown running on the DS in the video, it will be released on the platform in the UK on April 8.

Apparently, it will also be available for PSP, although the release date hasn't been announced.

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